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Dawn is sometimes the best time....

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Oh i love couches!!!!! [Jan. 2nd, 2007|07:03 am]
Dawn is sometimes the best time....
So my girl and i went to my grandparents for christmas vaction. Everyone went to bed and well we were pretty damn horny. I was putting porn on some DVDs to take with me and Alyssa kept telling me my porn sucked. Keep in mind i recorded alot of crap... anyways some of it did get our fires going, and before long we found ourselves making out and throwing clothes around the room.

After awhile she began to suck me like crazy, i noticed how we left the light on. I went to get it but she pushed me back down playfully and told me to keep my ass planted. heh So when she returned. She came back and contiuned where she left off. My god, how she knows how to give such amazing blow jobs is beyond me! Anyways..... after some time she strattled me and began to ride me, it intensified until we ended up fucking harder than we ever had, so hard infact the couch moved about 4 feet backwards. Course we didnt notice this, we were busy. After we both had orgasmed, we didnt really stop. Just kept going i then climbed overtop of her, grabbed her legs and fucked her intently, so the couch ended up moving a little more... which was also so damn good cause i thrusted even harder. We then moved to the bed where we 69ed, still cant beleve how good she tastes. This added more, so we ended up fucking again, in the bed this time. After some riding, thrusting, growning and moaning we ended up both orgasming again. We looked at the time, a new record for longest ;) And well we also wondered if we were too loud, lol. I snapped some pics of the scene afterwards, it looked sort of like a war zone.... but a very fun war if i must say so myself. Hardest sex we had ever had.

more stories to come....

From: alyssa_river
2007-01-02 12:31 pm (UTC)
Mmm...that night I was so damn horny for you baby. And the kicker here is that as I'm typing this you slowly thrusted in me a little letting me know you're hard again. heh...god i love this man!!!! ;) Another thing I find amazing is that it's dawn again and we're in the same hotel we first made love in. It's something...we feel totally comfy at this hotel and it feels all so right. But anyway...yes the couch night heh.

Like I said...I was horny...there was porn...and I had a sexy man next to me on a couch. It was a fantasy of mine and I couldn't help but slowly grope and start sucking him. Ronnie was a little surpirsed but slighty...soon he started kissing me passionatly and caressed my face as I sucked him. Damn it felt good. And yes...fuck after fuck after fuck. lol Speaking of which...this comment must be kept short. More fucking:D!!!!! ;)
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