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First time [Sep. 24th, 2006|07:00 am]
Dawn is sometimes the best time....
So i figured i would get the ball rolling and post about the first time me and my lady made love. First and formost it had been a week since we met and knew that we liked one another, we had just gotten back from a friends house and well before we went upto our room we made out quite a bit in her car.

She strattled me and we contiuned kissing, from there we went into the hotel room we had paid for and upto the room where we contiuned to kiss and make out quite a bit. Before this moment we had done alot of other things: made out, seen one another naked, i had eatten her out and she had sucked me so we were very comfy with one another.

Now she was a virgin at the time and i wasnt, so i knew i had to be gentle. But i did realy like this girl so i was more than willing to be. Plus she was sexier than hell so, why wouldnt i! lol

After some making out and foreplay, we had gotten naked and i fingered her slightly, by now i knew she got very wet, so sex would not only be easy but be super hot lol

So she rubbed me, i got very hard for her and yes seeing her naked was a sight to behold. So when she told me she was ready for sex i asked her to make sure, i wanted her first time to be special. She said yes so i got a towel incase of bleeding and i laided it underneith her then moves overtop of her and kissed her lovingly.

i rolled a condom on and i postitioned my dick at her pussy and procedded to thrust in very slow and very gently, it wasnt long till i felt something give way. Knowing i did infact break her hymen, watching her i asked if she was fine she said she was and that it hurt so i kept my thrusts slow and soft. As the late night, early morning progressed she told me it didnt hurt as much as and i thrusted harder and slightly deeper. She did feel really good and looking into her eyes as i made love to her it was a truely special morning.

I thrusted softly into her for about an hour, the night slowly turned into the morning and it was getting bright out by the time i did actually cum for her.

This i can say was one time i truly "made love" holding her both of us naked in bed together, i was truly glad we waited and it was a prelude to all the sex we would have after that moment lol

[User Picture]From: m_i_a_spirit
2006-10-26 05:13 pm (UTC)
that was beautiful.
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From: revlis_fire
2006-10-26 09:31 pm (UTC)
thank you
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