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Dawn is sometimes the best time....

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Sex Checklist [Oct. 27th, 2006|06:25 am]
Dawn is sometimes the best time....
So it wont be till December till alyssa and myself will be back together and we have alot of plans as well as ideas for what we wanna do, so here is the checklist:

Out at my parents house -

- A blowjob out in the snow

- Eatting her out as she stands

- Taking a blanket, putting it in the snow and having some wild sex outside in the snow

- As we watch a porno together, Alyssa on my lap we begin to tease and caress one another till we end up fucking in the chair watching the porn.

- Begin to play a video game together then just plain fuck like mad during the game.

- Eatting candy panties off Alyssa and fucking her without eating it all

- Getting fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot for various licking suckings and fuckings heh

In a hotel room -

- Sex in the shower, we have shared a shower but i didnt bring a condom in with me before

- A complete drag out on the floor, wild sex with hopefully no rug burns heh

- If the room has a couch, wild sex with various positions

- Sex around the hot-tub

- as soon as we get into the room, wild sex on the still made bed

- before heading to the bar with friends one final quick fuck, barely any clothes removal

- sneak out of the bar around to the back for a quick fuck

- Small cat naps, wake one another up with oral sex or caresses then more sex

- and most definatly MORE frosting. Remember when i licked all that frosting from your pussy baby?