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Dawn of a new day....and new beginning - Dawn is sometimes the best time.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dawn is sometimes the best time....

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Dawn of a new day....and new beginning [Sep. 24th, 2006|05:03 pm]
Dawn is sometimes the best time....
First, I'd like to say to my sweetheart...excellent entry baby and a great way to start our Lover's_Dawn journal. As you could probably guess everyone, I'm his sexy lady at this guy's side and yes I was a virgin until we made love for the first time. First, before the juicy talk on the first night we truly gave ourselves to each other, well dawn I should say, but anyway's I'll give a little more back story about me and my sweetheart.

So, we met and talked about anything and everything, just really hit it off. Hell you name it, we talked about it...sharing secrets, past experiences, and everything else in general. Now, I never thought I'd ever connect with a guy until I met this sweetheart of mine. Past relationships ended in heartache and I know his past was like mine, but our pasts were never an issue.

When I first met him, I did fall for his personality and looks on life. I thought "wow...someone who's like me, but yet at the same time wasn't" if that makes sense. I did just feel attracted to him from the beginning with his personality, but also in my heart something drew me to him. Oh, and yes...he is hotter than fire, which was perfect as well lol. Now this guy of mine, made me laugh and smile, think about things and issues, kept me company, and gave me something truly unique. Truly, a fresh look at what a real realationship was life and I felt myself falling slowly in love with the man of my dreams.

We both felt a mutual connection and did hang out the week previous to the first time we made love. Went out for dates, talked, joked around, and yes...after the first date we found each other looking in one another's eyes and shared a true romantic first kiss. It was beyond any first kiss with a guy I had before and we began making out big time to the point of clothing being removed. He stripped me slowly down to my underwear and nothing else and just continued kissing and my massaging my body, which felt heavingly. He stripped down to his boxers and I felt up his body on mine for the first time...So, I won't go into full detail, but I will save that for maybe another entry.

Needless to say, before we made love for the first time, we had seen each other completly naked, made-out which always felt damn good, he had fingered me and eaten me out, and i had sucked his cock, which I honestly thought I'd never do. So, we were comfy with each other completly.

Anyway, onto the goods lol...the first night we shared together in the truest sense. We had gotten back from hanging with a couple of friends at a hotel we had paid for and stayed in the car slowly kissing and making out. Before, we had shared our feelings for one another, and a long session of making out took place after. I moved over onto his body in his seat and strattled him as I kissed deeply with a mutual passion. We soon taperecd off the kissing and decided to head up to our room for a more private moment. Sorry, but no car sex you everyone...that comes later lol. So, we head up in the elevator still kissing each other and headed down the hallway to our room. One thing I found cute...he kept his arm slightly around me and I loved it, but the passionate moment in the car had me wanting so much more.

We get inside the room and start making out once more and did some foreplay, which honestly felt incredible and turned me on evern more so than I was. I loved the way he stripped my clothing off piece by piece and I helped remove his clothes exposing his naked body to me once agai...loving the feel of his body on mine as we both lay naked in the bed completly into the passion of the moment. Feeling up his body with my hands and lips was pure heaven and I loved every second of it. I had never felt more attracted to a man in my life or comfortable for that matter, but in his arms I just felt safe and loved.

So, yes I was a virgin up until we made love for the first time. Before I always felt like I had been waiting for something and this man of mine was what I had been waiting for. I never thought I'd feel so comfortable being naked with anyone, but with my sweetheart I felt completly at ease. It was, of course, the first time I'd been with a completly naked man and I couldn't help look at him up and down in wonder and with a growing burning desire for him. We'd been naked a couple of times before, as we both said and had gotten a feel for each other.

I loved the look and feel of his body and couldn't help but blush slightly when I took in the sight of his hard dick and it was a sight to behold for a virgin really. I did feel slightly awkward when I caressed his cock in my hand for the first time, but it felt so good and soon all the awkwardness washed away. I than took my time letting his cock slip between the lips of my waiting mouth to taste him for the first time. I never knew sucking a man could be such a turn on and it was cause I could feel my desire for him grow and feel yes...horny for him lol. The taste of his precum was wonderful as well and I loved seeing it come out slowly as I pumped his cock with my hand gently. Slowly, I would suck, stroke him with my hand, and added licking that seemed to all come natural and I did enjoy taking my time. Hearing him say he was "cumming" prepared me for my next first experienc in seeing a man cum hard in my hand. I loved the sight as I continued to pump the liquid from his cock and soon leaned over and kissed him passionatly feeling my own pussy soaking after the seeing him cum for me.

Another complete first was him fingering me and eating me out completly, which drove me wild with passion for him. I felt my own body grow warm when he touched my pussy for the first time and slipped his finger in gently. He kept watching me, making sure I was enjoying it and I was completly! Him slipping his fingers inside me gave him a taste of how wet he was making me and honestly I didn't want the sensual feeling to stop. Just slipping his finger in and out was making me feel so turned on and than came a real first. Let's just say...I never came close to any of this sexual stuff before and omg...he ate me out that made me wanting him so badly to do it again. His lips and tounge inside my pussy...caressing my clint and just stimulating a series of sensations felt so erotic and I never thought it would feel so good. I could tell he was enjoyed it as well as he tasted my juices for the first time. God...baby writing this makes this room feel hotter than it is lol.

Keep in mind that I knew I wasn't ready for sex yet and my sexy guy knew as well before and foreplay proved to be the perfect substitute for now, so we had a few amazing sessions of this sexy foreplay. Plus, it was his discovery that I became quite wet for him easily and I'm not surprised lol. Trust me...he had that effect on me. This warm, caring, compassionate and hot guy was fulfilling all these new sexual experiences and he had my absolute trust and he mine.

So, yes it's completly true...I was a virgin (once more) up to this point and he was the first man I ever did ANYTHING with. Fingering....real heavy making out, the whole nine yards, so everything was truly new to me. So, that special night/ morning we laid naked in our bed kissing and engaging in some very sensual foreplay. I absolutely loved the feel of his fingers wedged deep inside my soaking pussy and felt his hard cock press deep into my body. I also had groped and caressed his cock loving the feeling of it getting hard in my hand. It was that night/morning we felt we had waited long enough. he asked me if I was raady and I softly spoke the words of..."make love to me." We smiled for a moment at each other warmly and he kissed me softly adn asked me if I was sure. Looking in his eyes canceled any regrets I may have had. He truly had taken his time with me and didn't rush me into sex in any way, shape, or form. At that moment, I wanted him to take me and to let me know the experience of true intimate sex.

I was quite excited, but nervous as well. He’d warned me about how I’d feel pain, but I wasn’t really scared to be honest. He got the condom from his bag and I laid back in the bed breathing deeply and taking in the moment. He’d also gotten a towel to let any blood collect. I wish that didn’t happen really cause speaking from a woman’s point of view it’s not a thing we like happening, let alone in this situation. He than asked if I wanted the covers over us and yes…for the first time I did want that. I watched him slip the condom over his hard dick and for a moment I wondered if I was dreaming, but watching him slip into position over me made me realize it wasn’t a dream…he was real...this was real. He let his dick slip into my pussy and thrusted very slow as he pulled the covers over us. I won’t lie…and he was right…it did hurt and made me want to let the tears in my eyes drop. It’s a pain that’s hard to describe really, but the first few thrusts were very painful, but I knew he was being as gentle as he could with me. It was quite painful for awhile, until my hymen broke than it started getting comfortable, but with some remaining pain.

He kept his thrusts slow until I told him I was finally comfy and he proceeded to thrust harder in deeper inside me. All the while, the room echoed with my soft groans and moans as well as his as we engaged in our passion. It began feeling so wonderful and I kept looking in his eyes feeling so connected with him. We made love into the dawn of a new day and it was perfect in every way.

I felt him cum slightly and we stayed in each other’s embrace as he stayed inside me for a short time. It was truly special for us both and writing this still puts a smile on my face. We held each other in the bed just captivated by one another. I never thought it would be as perfect as it was. So, hence that’s how we came up with our name as well. Lover’s_Dawn, since our most intimate moment took place at dawn.

Oh, and my sexy guy isn’t lying at all…a true prelude to all the sex we would have after that night lol. But what a damn good start right baby.

[User Picture]From: m_i_a_spirit
2006-10-26 05:19 pm (UTC)
what a great memory that occasion will be for you two. it sounds like you had fun!
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From: revlis_fire
2006-10-26 09:30 pm (UTC)
definatly memorable and never has it felt so unique and special.
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